About Us

Welcome to Troop 423! We are delighted that you have decided to join our troop. Joining a new group can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, and often it takes a few weeks before you feel like you really belong. You are important to us, and we want you to feel welcome. First, let me assure you that you have made a good choice. Our troop is blessed with an enthusiastic leadership that adheres to the principles and values of scouting. Our primary objective is to have fun, and in the process we hope each scout develops the leadership skills and values that are the heart of scouting.

Our troop was founded by members of the then new community at Holy Name of Mary over 50 years ago.  



When do we meet?
We meet Thursday nights at 7:00.
Where does the troop meet?
We meet at Holy Name of Mary Catholic School, in Faith Formation Rooms 201/202 .

Where is Holy Name of Mary Church?
The church is located at 724 Bonita Avenue, San Dimas, CA  91773. 
When can we come visit your troop?
WEBELOS are welcome to visit at any meeting, but we would prefer that you let us know you are coming.  Some Wednesday nights are our planning sessions, and you might not find them to be too interesting!  Please contact our Scoutmaster to schedule a visit.

Is your troop Boy Led? (How Much of every Troop meeting is led by the Adults?)
Yes, adults handle some announcements and SM Minute (5-10 minutes). Will assist boys with program if requested as part of PLC meeting.

New Scout Patrol?
In place from Crossover until first meeting in August

What % of the boys regularly attend troop meetings?

Patrol Leaders Council - Does the Troop Conduct Boy Led Monthly Planning Meetings?
Yes, all months except Dec

Does the Troop participate in Service Opportunities? What are some Examples?
Yes, Help with  Eagle Service Projects, Patrol Service Projects, Scouting for Food, etc.

Type of Outdoor Activities?
Diverse - District and Council Camporees, historical trips, backpacking, climbing, aquatics, canoeing, skiing

What % of the boys regularly attend troop outings?
Boys age 11-14 participate in 60-70% of outings; older boys participate as their busy schedules allow